sábado, 11 de septiembre de 2010

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I will suHRvive! That´s the english version of SobreviviRRHHé!, and of course, we can not loose our identity, the RRHH of "Recursos Humanos" in the spanish version, was traslated to the HR of "Human Resources" in that one.

Welcome to our very special brief of the week, a very funny way to explain to our foreing visitors what about was we talking during the week.

Sunday, 5th of September: La última cena [The last supper]:  In 2008 I participated in an exchange program for health professionals. For a month I went to Hungary studying the role of IT in improving care. That post has the last day in Budapest and, of course, the last dinner together with the coordinator of Budapest.

Monday, 6th of September: Siempre nos quedará París [We will always have Paris]: And in this post we have the final meeting held in Paris. Each team exhibited his work done during the exchange program, in my case, "Improving continuity of care: the role of IT", in Hungary.

Tuesday, 7th of September: Con las pilas cargadas [With charged batteries]: The first post after returning of vacation. We talked about the days on the beach with the family and we stock the most readed and most commented post of that summer.

Wednesday, 8th of September: Por mucho que me esfuerce [However much effort I]: Reflections on a salary supplement for nursing staff in temporary replacement nursing supervisor-coordinator. Why not with medical staff or others?

Thursday, 9th of September: La Ley de Murphy bloguera [Murphy's law for bloggers]: That's our theory about why the posts you work a lot was overlooked and yet lighter post have a lot more success.

Friday, 10th of September: El desaparecido [The late]: we miss a lot a very good virtual friend, @gerineldo, nearly a month gone. No twitter account, no LinkedIn, neither his blog... will be fulfilling his dream of working in the NHS.

The son of the week: Amazing, by Aerosmith:

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