sábado, 25 de septiembre de 2010

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I will suHRvive!

Welcome to the English version of SobreviviRRHHé! In Spanish RRHH stands for "Recursos Humanos" now traslated to the HR of "Human Resources".

Welcome to our very special summary of the week, a very fun way to explain to our foreign visitors what we were discussing this week.

Sunday, 19th of September: Domingo con... Joaquín Sabina [Sunday with... Joaquín Sabina]Sunday's post is dedicated to someone or something special. Today, a very good friend of mine is dedicating to her husband a very special son by Joaquín Sabina, "Noches de boda" [Wedding night]. Please, don't forget to send your request to jigoro1008@gmail.com
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Monday, 20th of September: Face to face [Face to face]: November 20th will be held the first meeting of the Basque health blogosphere. Another great opportunity to meet interesting people, like in the first congress of health blogosphere or, recently, the Navarparty.
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Tuesday, 21st of September: Falso, más que falso [False, but false]Hello, Mr. Patient, are you sure that your doctor is the physician that you and your health disorder required? A post about fake degrees in medicine.
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Wednesday, 22nd of September: ¿La intención es lo que cuenta? [Are good intentions enough?]: It has presented the balance submitted by the Ministry of Health on development of the Quality Plan for the Spanish NHS. It can be really implemented initiatives have low development and low efficiency in practice. Specially, in adequacy of human resources and transparency.
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Thursday, 23rd of September: Un tipo superior [A higher rate]: I mean at the higher rate to be applied to incomes above 120,000 euros per year. The Budget Act of 2011 in Spain may pick up a proposal for higher tax for higher incomes. 
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Friday, 24th of September: Enganchados [Hooked]: In an effort to find out how social media and multitasking are affecting students, Harrisburg University in Pennsylvania has blocked social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter on its central wireless system for the past week, MediaGuardian reported today.
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The song of the week: More than words, by Westlife:

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