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I will suHRvive! Welcome to the English version of SobreviviRRHHé! In Spanish RRHH stands for "Recursos Humanos" now traslated to the HR of "Human Resources".

Welcome to our very special summary of the week, a very fun way to explain to our foreign visitors what we were discussing this week.

Sunday, 12th of September: Domingo con... Andres Calamaro [Sunday with... Andres Calamaro]Sunday's post is dedicated to someone or something special. On this occasion it was the birthday of a very good friend of mine and we offered the video clip "Más guapa que cualquiera (More beautiful than anyone), by Andres Calamaro. I am opening the "Domingo con..." section to dedicate my Sunday post to someone special. Please send your request to jigoro1008@gmail.com
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Monday, 13th of September: Qué mierda me has hecho, mamá? [What the fuck have you done to me, Mom?]: No, my God, I have not gone mad... I adored my mother, even though she is a smoker and I am sure she'll die with a cigarette between her fingers. We reflect on a study of 331 infants who were taken a sample of their first stool. The goal was to discove of metabolites of tobacco.
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Tuesday, 14th of September: Me lo pido [I want this]: Collecting things can cause obsessive-compulsive disorder in people with a tendency to suffer them. In recent years a significant increase in cases in which excessive collecting has resulted in obsessive compulsive disorder or an addiction to shopping has been detected.
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Wednesday, 15th of September: El Sanador de Caballos [The Horse Healer]: Every time I finish a book I mention it in the blog. Today I would like to talk about "The Hose Healer", by Gonzalo Giner. It is fun historical adventure novel that tells the vital and unstoppable escalation of the son of an innkeeper who, thanks to his tenacity, gets to delve into the mysteries of healing to ultimately become a key player in the battle of "Navas of Tolosa", the confrontations that ruled the supremacy of the Christians over the Muslims during the Spanish Reconquista.
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Thursday, 16th of September: Apretándonos el cinturón de sanidad [Times of shortage in Health]: The implementation of ten measures that directly impact the origin of the health expenditure, is estimated to shown a maximum impact of close to 9.872 million €, representing 15% of the total health spending. Without these measures, taxes would have to go up, the rights and benefits of the Spanish NHS would have to be revised and ultimately new adjustment measures would be needed.
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Friday, 17th of September: Tranquilidad y buenos alimentos [Peacefulness and good food]: To mark the tenth anniversary of Fundación Hospital Calahorra, this institution wants to involve both patients and workers in this celebration by launching a culinary initiative "Today we eat at..." where renowned chefs and restaurants from the area are invited to the FHC facilities to prepare menus for patients following their dietary needs while adding their imagination and creativity... The program also includes special lunch menus for the employees.
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The son of the week: In the Air Tonight, by Phil Collins:

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