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Follow me on Saturday: Did it again.

Welcome to our very special brief of the week, a very funny way to explain to our foreing visitors what about was we talking during the week.

I will suHRvive! That´s the english version of SobreviviRRHHé!, and of course, we can not loose our identity, the RRHH of "Recursos Humanos" in the spanish version, was traslated to the HR of "Human Resources" in that one.

First of all, we are very sorry about our mistakes, but even in spanish we sometimes wrote incorrectly, why not in english? We could improving our english level, and this is a very funny way to practise it.

Sunday, 2nd of August: Dinero fácil y chicas gratis [Money for nothing and chicks for free]: sundays in I will suHRvive means musical video-post. Last sunday we dedicated a Dire Straits greatest heat Money for Nothing for a two special twitter friends.

Monday, 3rd of August: El diablo está en los detalles [The devil is on details]: how a very important spanish politician  make a video announcing his vacations but make a very hard mistake. He didn't use the seat-belt during a car trip.

Tuesday, 4th of August: En nombre propio [In my own name]: the trascription of my second interwiew in a health magazine, PRSalud.

Wednesday, 5th of August:
  1. San Orgasmo de Loyola [Female Orgasm day]: a very funny post about the celebration of the female orgasm day and the day of my saint, Ignatius of Loyola.
  2. Preguntas en el aire [Questions in the air]: a furious post about a hard day at work. For the moment, nor do I want and I can not go into details, simply launch a series of questions on the air, waiting for that one day we can solve the unknown.
Thursday, 6th of August: Compartiendo retos de salud [A share challenge for health]: HOPE Exchange Programme, a 4-week training period, is targeting hospital and healthcare professionals with managerial responsibilities. They are working in hospitals and healthcare facilities, adequately experienced in their profession with a minimum of three years of experience and have proficiency in the language that is accepted by the host country. During their stay, HOPE Exchange Programme participants are discovering a different healthcare institution, a different healthcare system as well as other ways of working. Each year, a different topic is associated to the programme, which is closed by HOPE Agora, a conference and and evaluation meeting around the topic. “Better health - A shared challenge for hospitals and primary health care” will be the subject for 2011. The Finnish HOPE member will organise the 2011 Agora in Turku on June 20-21, 2011.

Friday, 7th of August: Aunque la mona se vista de seda... [But the monkey dressed in silk...]: an interesting post in which I record my thoughts on whether you can go to work in summer in shorts.

The son of the week: Did it again, by Shakira:

Follow me on Saturday will be on vacation until next September 11. I hope to see you all around. Enjoy your summer.

2 comentarios:

Gerineldo dijo...

TY very much for your special weekly summary in English. Enjoy weekend!

Azucena Santillán dijo...

Thanks for leatin us practising english. Your level is quite good and is nice to check your translations (San Orgasmo de Loyola :-DDDDDD).
Have a nice weekend!

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