sábado, 23 de julio de 2011

Just a question.

Saturday again, and that means dusting off our English.

Reading the foreign press regarding health as I do to prepare these posts, I found this question:

Why Are Some Physicians So Bad At Communicating With Their Patients?

Primary care physicians in particular are under tremendous pressure to produce.   Just imagine…physicians in small primary care practices spend about 3.5 hours/week just on dealing with insurance-related paperwork.  Then there’s keeping up with recommended treatment guidelines, journals, and IT issues and routine staffing issues…not to mention routine patient care, much of which they in fact do not get paid for.  Physicians do have it rough right now.
And I thought that this problem occurred only in Spain ... and it's going to be a universal problem. The solution is so difficult that no one, neither here nor there, can find the remedy for the situation.

Perhaps new technologies, if our managers let us use in our primary care center and hospitals, may be part of the solution, and initiatives to use audio-visual messages focused on our patients may be the beginning of change. Why not?

Depeche Mode – A Question Of Time

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