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Climbing into Bed.

Parents who share a bed with their child can sleep better in light of new research in the journal Pediatrics that finds the practice doesn't give rise to learning or behavior problems.
Researchers at Teachers College, Columbia University asked 944 low-income mothers where their child slept regularly — defined as five of seven nights — and looked for an association between between kids who slept with their mom at ages 1, 2 or 3 and behavior or learning problems at age 5. Initially, they discovered that bed-sharing was linked to lower scores on cognitive outcomes and some behavioral problems. But after controlling for socioeconomic status and race, the association vanished. In other words, any association between bed-sharing and behavioral or learning problems can be attributed not to the sleeping arrangements but more likely to socioeconomic status or race.
Let's see, I lose a little in this study ...

Maybe it's my poor English level. They want to blame the poor academic performance to the children sleep in their parents' bed, but then it is not.

In the end it seems that in school is due more to his tenure at low income families.

And it was so much travel for those saddlebags, hahaha ...

I leave you with a song from someone he liked to sleep in bed with children ...

Michael Jackson – They Don't Care About Us

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Javier dijo...

Bedsharing is a frequent theme in pediatric literature. There are conflicting publications in which it is shown both as good and bad. In my opinion, we must respect the cultural traditions of the families, because there is no evidence of one or the other.
Of course no large studies are needed to know that socioeconomic conditions have more influence on school performance than bedsharing (captain obvious dixit; ha, ha)

With a little help fron google translator :-)

Sonsoles dijo...

I agree. I think everything has to be globally seen . Many things are likely to influence in it.
Thanks to Google tranlator too, always.

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