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Follow me on Saturday: This is Halloween.

I will suHRvive!

Welcome to the English version of SobreviviRRHHé! In Spanish RRHH stands for "Recursos Humanos" now traslated to the HR of "Human Resources".

Welcome to our very special summary of the week, a very fun way to explain to our foreign visitors what we were discussing this week.

Sunday, 24th of October: Domingo con... La Oreja de Van Gogh [Sunday with... La Oreja de Van Gogh]Sunday's post is dedicated to someone or something special. Today is the opportunity to talk about Rafael Pardo, from Inquietudes de Maimónides blog, and a very good friend of SobreviviRRHHé! This week he has been the main character of the health blogosphere, with a twitterview in Diario Médico and the presentation of his personal challenge, the i2HealthSantPau. Please, don't forget to send your request to jigoro1008@gmail.com
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Monday, 25th of October: Palabras para una buena vida [Words for a good life]: I want to share a gift. There are some words of Mario Benedetti extracted from the book by Alex Rovira "The good life": 
"First of all, I like people that vibrates, that we should no push, do not have to tell you to do things, but who knows what to do and it takes less time than expected. (.../..) With people like that, I commit to anything, and that having people on my side that I paid for it."
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Tuesday, 26th of October: Un quinto [A fitfth]: A fifth of second is what it takes to fall in love. The research, which is published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, may help us to understand why we lose the head by someone who does not suit us, which is a disaster and may even arms us. We have no time to think!
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Wednesday, 27th of October: Importancia relativa [Relative Importance]: Our reflections at the reaction to the death of Octopus Paul. In summer, rose to fame in the World Cup but now he has felt so much media coverage.
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Thursday, 28th of October: Una hora menos [One hour less]: The time change affects our circadian rhythm, because there is a sudden alteration although fortunately short daylighth hours. And that affects the human and animal behavior, but do not panic, the organism has learned to adapt withouth major problems.
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Friday, 29th of October: Devuélveme la pasta [Give me back the money]: The Social Division of the High Court has unanimously agreed to submit to the Constitutional Court a question of inconstitutionality of the anti-deficit decree which cut the salaries of public employees.
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The song of the week: This is Halloween, by Marilyn Manson:

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