sábado, 12 de febrero de 2011

Risks of oral sex.

Here we are, it's English-post time!

Second saturday of the second stage in SobreviviRRHHé!

The news comes to us again our friend @manyez, and although it may be a bit risque, let's be brave and see what comes out of this.

The Link Between Oral Sex And Head And Neck Cancer:
A 2007 study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that younger people with head and neck cancers who tested positive for oral HPV infection were more likely to have had multiple vaginal and oral sex partners in their lifetime. Having six or more oral sex partners over a lifetime was associated with a 3.4 times higher risk for oropharyngeal cancer — cancers of the base of the tongue, back of the throat, or tonsils. Having 26 or more vaginal-sex partners tripled the risk. The association continued to increase as the number of partners in either category increased.
There you have it.

And I thought that oral sex could bring as much any new muscle pain from poor posture... or at most, "a bad taste" for not knowing how to stop on time, jajaja...

A song as a gift to cheer on Saturday: Prince - Sex

2 comentarios:

Gerineldo dijo...

Oh. This is a topic very important. Sometimes we don't have idea about risk: sexual relationship, alcohol, tobacco. To take prevention measures is essential.

capitán garfio dijo...

esto es algún tipo o marca de dentifrico...???
me suena me suena...jajajajajajaja

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