sábado, 19 de febrero de 2011

My Little Princess.

My little princess and the spiderboy.
Once upon a time, in a faraway country, a little princess was born.

It was the prettiest girl in the kingdom, the most beatiful girl in the real palace, the girl with the brighest smile.

And today is her birthday, her first birhday...

I'm talking about my little princess Sofía, so today post is dedicated to her.

But Saturday is the English day, here, in SobreviviRRHHé!, so that special post too... We take, of course, to talk about this study on parents and daughters, LOL!

Girls Win When They Play Video Games With Parents.

Finally some good news for families about gaming: girls who play video games with their parents behave better, have stronger mental health and feel more connected to their families, according to a new study. While gaming with their parents had little influence on behavior, aggression, family connection or mental health among the boys, the investigators found that among girls, the activity accounted for as much as 20 percent of the variation in these areas.
This is the excuse I was expecting to game PlayStation with my little princess in a few years in the same way that I've been doing with spiderboy

Because any leisure time you spend with your children is the best time of the day, wheter you play videogames, or soccer or just reading them a bed time story. "Any face-to-face time you have with your child can be a positive thing, especially if the activity is something the child is interested in."

And what began as a fairy tale, ends as a fairy tale: ... And they lived happily ever after!

David Bisbal – Mi Princesa

6 comentarios:

enfermero9 dijo...

Happy Birthday for Orange´s Infanta, I think that she is still small to play the Playstation, look for another excuse.

Gerineldo dijo...

Happy Birthday. Enjoy the celebration! Greetings from La Mancha.

Juana dijo...

¡Happy birthday for the little baby!

dra jomeini dijo...

OOOOHHHH, qué no se ha grabado. ESta mañana, he felicitado - en español, eso sí, que no me gusta hacer el ridículo con mi spanglish - a tu guapi. (que, por cierto, es igual a su papá)

Andoni C. dijo...

give her a kissy!!!

Iñaki dijo...

Muchísimas gracias a todos, cuando la inFanta de naranja, aprenda a leer, le enseñaré las frikadas que hacía su padre, jajaja...

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