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Follow me on saturday: Let me entertain you.

I will suHRvive! That´s the english version of SobreviviRRHHé, and of course, we can not loose our identity, the RRHH of "Recursos Humanos" in the spanish version, was traslated to the HR of "Human Resources" in that one.

Welcome to our very special brief of the week, a very funny way to explain to our foreing visitors what about was we talking during the week.

First of all, we are very sorry about our mistakes, but even in spanish we sometimes wrote incorrectly, why not in english? We could improving our english level, and this is a very funny way to practise it.

Sunday, 11th of July: We are the champions [We are the champions]: the musical video post of that week was dedicated to the Spain's World Cup Soccer team, and this post was written 2 days before at the final match. We got a dream, which is to be the champions, and we liked to wait listening Green Day.

Monday, 12th of July: Estatuas humanas [Human statues]: Last weekend was San Fermín festival here in Pamplona, and during a walk with my little son we were watching a lot of human estatues, very original and very funny. And that gave me a clue to write a post about our senior management in health services and their movements in case of photo or great mentions, but the rest of the year, loked theirselves on their offices.

Tuesday, 13th of July: La importancia del líder [Atacching importance to a good leader]: Ths is a very personal post to pay tribute to my last leader, the person who teach me all that I know in my occupation.

Wednesday, 14th of July: Me muero por tus wifis [Your wifi is killing me]: we don´t know by but you always can find people againts the technological advances. Now the excuse is the wifi and their mortal radiations. We are totally supporting the wifi connections and we demand free connection everywhere. At the moment, we only can recommend that web page.

Thursday, 15th of July: Por las nubes [Prices on the cloud]: A new spanish law permit to phone and send sms with your mobile phone during a fly. But be careful with the contractual rate with the phone companies. Their could be extremely high rates, almost on the clouds.

Friday, 16th of July: Bollería bollería [Baked goods] The spanish Ministry of Health want to regulate the sale of baked goods at the schools. That give us the circumstance to talk about our childhood experiences about it. And that give us a cause to reflection about the role of the parents in the sons education.

The son of the week: Let me entertain you , by Robbie Williams:

3 comentarios:

Gerineldo dijo...

Thank you for your weekly summary in English, new Martini's boy ;)

enfermero9 dijo...

Well, today i can understand all the post, I´m going the right way. My tailor is rich.

Iñaki dijo...

Hy @gerineldo, here the new Martini's boy. You´re welcome, my friend.

Hy @nurse-nine, I very glad you can understand more post by post. That's the goal, all of us can improve our english level, sometimes reading, but sometimes writing too. Give my regards to @nurse-six, jajaja...

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