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Follow me on Saturday: Viva la vida.

I will suHRvive! That´s the english version of SobreviviRRHHé, and of course, we can not loose our identity, the RRHH of "Recursos Humanos" in the spanish version, was traslated to the HR of "Human Resources" in that one.

Welcome to our very special brief of the week, a very funny way to explain to our foreing visitors what about was we talking during the week.

First of all, we are very sorry about our mistakes, but even in spanish we sometimes wrote incorrectly, why not in english? We could improving our english level, and this is a very funny way to practise it.

Sunday, 18th of July: De visita por el fogón [Visiting the burning]: the last sunday I was invited to write about a book and to leave a recipe relationed with the book. The site is El fogón de la Dra. Jomeini, a very good friend of mine, and the book I choose for this ocasion was Viajes con Heródoto, de Riszard Kapuscinski. I was in Budapest when I read that book, so the recipe that I put in relation with it is Gulash. Bon apetit!

Monday, 19th of July: Masajes piratas [bootleg massage]: this post is in defense of our physiotherapist, because nowadays we ca find all kind of bootleg services in our beaches that summer. That's unfair to all that people who study hard to obtain their degrees and it´s very dangerous to the citicens health who use that bootleg massage to save some money.

Tuesday, 20th of July: Arde Troya [Things are hotting up]: that summer in Spain is beeing extremely hot and we take the opportunity to remind some advices to endure that situation. I find that advices in english in that web site, so you must be aware if your are planning your holidays here.

Wednesday, 21th of July:
  1. Se busca [Wanted]: Last week was disclosed a list with that kink of job very difficult to fill, and some of that was doctors and nurses, so I took the chance to speak about our recruitmen system in the hospital where I work.
  2. ¿Será Casualidad? [What a coincidence!]: When I published the last post, no one job vacancies at the web site, but few hours later, suddenly we can find 5 opportinities to work with us. What a confidence!
Thursday, 22th of July: No se puede ser más tonto [Prize idiot]: watching the news I know about the existence of a hideous restaurant in the United Estates: Heart Attack Grill. The speciality dish: Quadruple Bypass Burger. No more coments!

Friday, 23th of July: Pies para qué os quiero [Feet what I want]:  a very funny post about a very special day in twitter, the #fotopie day. During that day we change our photo avatar for another one with our feet. A very special occasion to know funny people to follow and some reflections about the uses of twitter.

The son of the week: Viva la vida, by Coldplay:

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Gerineldo dijo...

TY for your weekly summary in 'inglis'. ¡Qué viene bien p'a aprender!

Iñaki dijo...

I am waiting til tomorrow to enjoy the cutre blog in english, my friend!

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