sábado, 10 de julio de 2010

Follow me on Saturday: I will suHRvive!

I will suHRvive! That´s the english version of SobreviviRRHHé, and of course, we can not loose our identity, the RRHH of "Recursos Humanos" in the spanish version, was traslated to the HR of "Human Resources" in that one.

Welcome to our very special brief of the week, a very funny way to explain to our foreing visitors what about was we talking during the week.

First of all, we are very sorry about our mistakes, but even in spanish we sometimes wrote incorrectly, why not in english? We could improving our english level, and this is a very funny way to practise it.

Sunday, 4th of July: Cinco meses [Five months]: the musical video post of that week was dedicated to our first five months of life.

Monday, 5th of July: Nuevos aires [New airs]: I have received a phone call very interesting and I plenty of optimism. I hope my professional situation go better and better before it, but is only a feeling.

Tuesday, 6th of July: Ustedes los primeros [You, the politicians, first]: Here in Spain we have got a health system based on universality and free of charge, but that is the theory. In fact, we got at the moment a very hard discussion about the implement of a system to ask for money to the people for the healthcare provided. That is an example of this in the health care system of Navarra.
Wednesday, 7th of July:

Thursday, 8th of July: Fútbol para dementes [Soccer for insane people] The day before the Spain's World Cup team won the semi-final against Germany, and we took the chance to talk about how sport´s success could help on people´s health.

Friday, 9th of July: Te cambio el sitio [I change you the place] About a survey about homosexuality and how the student will change the place if their classmate were gay.

The son of the week: Saturday son, by Crowded House:

3 comentarios:

Gerineldo dijo...

Ty very much for your English post. Tomorrow I'm going to post my 'The Cutre Blog Post' weekly ed. Nº2 :)

enfermero9 dijo...

one, tow, three, four, five, six seven, eight maaaaambo. I´m increasing my english level with you. Thank you.

angelitapapafrita dijo...

Hi Iñaki!!!...never a phase has been done more real, I´WILL SURVIVE!!!. Have been days hard.
"Bad times for the lyrical" (German Coppini, say).
A million of kisses and enjoy the "San Fermines".

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