sábado, 8 de octubre de 2011

1st Conference on Audivisual Communication and Health #videosysalud

Saturday again, we turn our review to English.

Today we want to give you leverage to release the information available in English from the 1st Conference on Audivisual Communication and Health #videosysalud

On October the 22nd of 2011 a group of innovators will gather in Madrid.
This conference is another step in continuing education. It works with hybrid networks, non teaching education and through the generation of multiformat contents. It looks forward the benefit of both patients and professionals. Heading to a people centered Medicine.
The challange is to learn the use of an audiovisual language which can be understood by anyone.

  1. Because we have the intuition that is vital to look for new languages, new ways og telling things.
  2. Because we belive as health professionals in a responsable transmition of messages to society.
  3. Because our time and society is audiovisual. We need to learn to use image resides words.
  4. Becuse we have the talent and the resources to do it.

The conference will be openly transmited by video streaming in http://www.ustream.tv/channel/jornada-vídeos-y-salud and twited with the hashtag #videosysalud

All the informacion here: http://videosysalud.blogspot.com/p/english.html

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