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I will suHRvive!

Welcome to the English version of SobreviviRRHHé! In Spanish RRHH stands for "Recursos Humanos" now traslated to the HR of "Human Resources".

Welcome to our very special summary of the week, a very fun way to explain to our foreign visitors what we were discussing this week.

Monday [10/01/2010]: My life without you.
My Life Without You is an informal collaborative project of a group of people working in health-related issues, and explore with interest the possibilities of the Internet. The initiative is not linked to any association, institution or professional or scientific society. Intended to be a place that offers help clear, comprehensive, transparent, not linked to commercial interests, to inform, support and facilitate the decision to leave (or not) smoking.
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Tuesday [11/01/2010]: This day 11 will be different.
We are determined that every day 11 of 2011 are special ... this is only the first step.
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Wednesday [12/01/2010]: Where are you from?
Of the 6,941 residents who occupied a place in the last edition, 2,369 are foreign graduates. In Castilla-La Mancha and Castilla y León, foreign rate exceeds 47 percent of the population and in 9 provinces MIR graduates outside of Spain are the majority.
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Thursday [13/01/2010]: Under suspicion.
Most have signed agreements with job autonomy to reduce sick leave and not just Madrid. So says CESM, whose secretary general, adding that " in Catalonia also made financial contributions to the doctors "practice"perverse and outrageous".
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Friday [14/01/2010]: Exams!
One way to combat anxiety before to divide the questions is to take a white sheet and a few minutes to write about what worries them. This simple exercise releases the intellectual capital necessary to complete the test successfully, as the conclusion of a team of researchers from the University of Chicago. Scientists have shown that students who download their concerns on paper drew better academically than those who did not. The results are published in the latest issue of the journal Science.
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The song of the week:

Mike Posner – Cooler Than Me

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